Imagine going back in time and experiencing first hand accounts of adventure, discovery and triumph.  See the magnificence of the Galapagos Islands through the eyes of young naturalist Charles Darwin as you go along on  The Voyage of the Beagle.







Or, travel aboard the Brig Pilgrim around Cape Horn during the west coast hide trade.  Relive the vibrant early 19th century culture of California, when it was a province of Mexico and Richard Henry Dana became a sailor as he lived  Two Years Before the Mast.










Cruise along with Joshua Slocum aboard the Sloop Spray as he goes Sailing Alone Around the World  and encounters the Fuegians in Tierra del Fuego.



You can visit Samoa with Robert and Fanny Louis Stevenson as they seek adventure and culture In the South Seas.

Robert Louis Stevenson with Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne in 1880You can even go South! to Antarctica,  with Ernest Shackleton as he and the crew of the Endurance attempt to reach the Pole.

Schack boat


Learn how to surf as you travel to Hawaii with the London’s in The Cruise of the Snark.


All this is possible as you discover a new way to read primary source, maritime, literary nonfiction.  Using Google Earth you will take the text with you to locations noted in the books and do exciting activities.  The books are located in the side menu along with other educational maritime-themed material.  Enjoy the journey.